Contra Costa Interfaith Housing (CCIH) is a partnership of faith communities, service organizations, and advocates throughout Contra Costa County. Interfaith communities pool their resources to support CCIH in its mission to provide affordable, permanent, and supportive housing to formerly homeless and low-income individuals and families. The goal of CCIH’s housing and service model is to support people to develop their highest level of self-reliance and quality of life in hopes of ultimately breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty and homelessness. CCIH is dedicated to offering high quality professional and volunteer support services to the residents it serves and committing to ensure that it operates with the highest degree of integrity and transparency.

Our faith community members contribute in the following ways:

  • Praying for CCIH’s mission and for the people it serves;
  • Advocating for the work of CCIH to help end poverty and homelessness;
  • Designating a liaison between the member faith community and CCIH;
  • Providing annual financial support of $250 or more;
  • Encouraging participation and support of CCIH programs, services, and events.

As a valued partner, CCIH commits to the following:

  • Invite member faith communities to special events, symposiums, and to volunteer in meaningful ways to support CCIH programs including after school tutoring, Holiday Spirit of Giving program, annual backpack drive, resident dinners, and more;
  • Invite member faith communities to nominate a member of its community to the CCIH Board of Directors;
  • Recognize member faith community participation on CCIH marketing materials including website, event programs, annual reports, newsletters, and presentations, as appropriate.

To learn more about becoming a faith community member, or to schedule a presentation to your congregation to learn more, please contact